Ask Conline is a Lifestyle Blog founded a very, very long time ago by a lady named Conline.. aka, ME! As a young lady from San Diego, I originally created this site as a personal space in which to share my creativity, inspiration and family life experiences.

manual-coffee-bean-grinder-reviewOver the years it’s quickly become a place for showcasing my fun and colorful how-to lifestyle. This blog focuses on all aspects of Life including topics such as Food, DIY, Party Planning, Home Decor, Entertainment, Travel, Technology, Fashion, Family and celebrating all the bright and bubbly moments from everyday life.

When not blogging, you can find me shopping at my home away from home Target, geeking out over Star Wars, spending time with my nerdy family, crafting with friends, dressing up my dogs and of course playing with confetti and obsessing over donuts.

My Product Reviews

clarita-home-lego-moldsMost of all, I love to review products. All kinds of products. Anything I see something new and shiny, I just have to have it to try out. This had me to constantly give reviews of products I buy. By now, people tend to like my opinion and really respect my reviews.

My areas of expertise include kitchenware, patio tools, and general household products. These may include things like coffee grinders, silicone ice trays, infuser water bottles, and more. But I also review tons of products in other categories.

So stay tuned with me and you’ll learn a lot! You’ll find my reviews to be very helpful.

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